What We Do

Existing Structure

Our removal teams at ADS Kitchens use all conventional methods for the dismantling of your current kitchen, ensuring no damage to the rest of your property. Drop sheets and carpet protection films are used as an extra layer of protection whilst the kitchen renovation takes place.

Initial Appliance Disconnection

Prior to our removal team disassembling the current kitchen structure, all electrics, flowing water, and gas are turned off allowing our team to disconnect any attached appliances.

Kitchen unit extraction

Methodically we begin dismantling the existing kitchen structure, beginning with removing worktops and appliances. Kitchen units are then delicately separated from connected walls.

Tiles & Flooring

Followed by the removal of decorative wall tiles if any, depending on whether new flooring’s being laid, the existing surface will be removed.

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You are only one phone call away. Speak with one of our team members to organise your in-home design visit, receive expert guidance and explore your kitchen renovation possibilities.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

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Transform your kitchen today with an experienced team to guide you along the way. Take a look at what we’ve achieved with our previous clients and their kitchen renovations.

Bespoke Kitchens

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Bespoke Kitchen design sketch


Our kitchen designer team create the foundations of kitchen redevelopment, meticulously crafting new identities for your selected spaces.


Ensuring a straightforward transition through the handling of your bespoke kitchen’s transport and delivery.

Bespoke kitchen fitting installations


ADS Kitchens are built with bespoke exquisite craftsmanship, so there’s no surprise that our installation team operate at the same frequency in their field of expertise.